My Bows And Pearls.


My Bows And Pearls...

UNA, Exile, P O E M A, Hair fair, Kinky Event, Swank
Kumi Botton Skirt pearl Pink by UNA At Kinky Event
Kumi collar Pearl by UNA at Kinky Event
Kumi Top Pearl by UNA at Kinky Event
Top Ribbons by UNA At Kinky Event 
Bad At Love hair by Exile at Hair Fair
Ikonik Lipstick for Catwa Mesh head by P O E M A at SWANK Event
 Kinky Event Landmark
UNA Store
 Hair Fair Landmark
Exile Store
 Swank Event Landmark
P O E M A Store
P O E M A Marketplace
I Love My Style Group
Model and Photographer; Marissa Almodovar Corleone

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